Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Green Satin Blouse

Green Satin Blouse
Women in green satin blouse

Green Satin Blouse
Dark green satin blouse with necklace, nice style.

Green Silk Satin Blouses
Shiny green satin blouse, black satin pencil skirt and glove.

Green is a very beautiful and a natural colour. It never is out of style. You could opt for shades that go with your complexion and hair, to make you look extra appealing. If you have green eyes, or sea green eyes, then this attire would look absolutely enchanting on you, as they would bring out the colour in your eyes. This is why most of Scarlett O Hara costumes are in green. This is because the character from the famous novel "Gone with the Wind" had green eyes.

A green satin blouse looks especially elegant when you choose a colour that is bright, and yet not loud. For instance, while an emerald green evening dress would look absolutely stunning on most women, a lime green or a fluorescent green outfit would look totally out of place in most situations. You must be careful about which shade you choose. Often you will notice that a particular shade of a green may look good in one material, but may look totally different in another. Thus, choose your dress wisely.

Monday, 13 February 2012

White Silk Satin Blouses

White silk satin blouses with bow tie

White silky satin and shiny smooth satin blouses are a delight to wear against the skin and look absolutely stunning. The way that the fabric slides in folds changing in the light like pools of liquid rippling with every movement is also part of the allure of these delightful pieces of feminine wear. They prefer the look and feel soft sensuous satin blouse because it makes them feel more intensely feminine and confident throughout the day. For some blouse lovers just the idea of wearing a luxurious white silky satin blouse can evoke strong feelings of femininity.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Silk Blouses For Suits

White Silk Satin Shirt Blouses
White silk blouses for suits

Silk Blouses For Suits
One of the most classic things you can wear with a suit is a basic, white blouse, with the collar folded over the lapels of the jacket. This is a timeless look that never goes out of style. It looks very sharp and professional every time you put it on. Classic white blouse is a reliable staple that goes with almost everything, and you ought to have at least a couple. For variety, get a few basic blouses in other colors too. If you have day when you feel tired of the black power suit, you can brighten things up, with a blouse in a color like red or cream.

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