Saturday, 9 February 2013

White Satin Blouses For Women

White Satin Blouses For Women

White satin blouse is perfect for the classy businesswoman. Sure, white satin blouses can be boring for the office, but not all of them have to! You can look stylish and very chic in a white satin blouse while you are at work. Pair this stunning satin blouse with your favorite trouser pants and work heels and you will feel like a million bucks with confidence and poise.

While satin is very feminine, you may wish to turn up the romantic meter just a bit. If this is the case for you, then you need to wear a white satin blouse with bow tie. This is the ultimate girly top because it is super romantic and flirty. If you want a se-xy top to wear while remaining extremely classy and sophisticated, then this is the dress that will be perfect for you. Wear this top with something se-xy, such as a pencil skirt and pumps and you are ready to go!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Blue Satin Blouse

Blue Satin Blouse

Blue is a favorite color of most of the women around the world. It has various shades such as sky blue, navy blue, dark blue, sea blue, and many others. All shades have their importance from the different perspectives of fashion. Blue satin blouse is a symbol of elegant and luxury style. In early times, blue was considered the color of purity, chastity and sacredness, this is why most brides on their weddings worn blue rather than white in the ancient times. Blue is still associated with purity and beauty. It has been a fashion trend to wear blue satin blouses to evening and afternoon parties, for a long time now. Women prefer blue because it is neither too bright like red nor too dark like black. It suits all skin complexions and goes well with all men's party suits (such as black and gray, which are common colors).

Every fashionable woman has at least one satin blouse in blue color in her wardrobe. In order to look highly fashionable and stylish, it is important to buy matching skirt and jeans. It is always the best choice to carry small sized clutch purses to semi-formal parties like cocktail gatherings. When you are wearing your blue dress, you can carry a small blue clutch purse with a little silver touch to offer uniqueness in your look. A touch of silver is always welcomed with blue.

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